Thursday, October 8, 2015

3 Simple Ways to Live a Long, Healthy Life

By Missi Holt
A common thread among those living with vim and vigor right into their 10th decade is consistency. Each day, we need to choose to treat our minds, hearts, and bodies with Love and Respect so that we facilitate the healing response on a continual basis!

Here are 3 simple, yet effective over-arching habits of the healthiest centurions of our time:
  • They MOVE their bodies. They walk more than they drive, move more than they sit, and exercise regularly — not even intensely, just regularly. I encourage you to take a baby step toward more movement today. Do some yoga when you first rise; park farther away; take a little walk at lunch; do some more yoga before bed!
  • They EAT whole, local foods. Their diets are rich in local, organic produce and healthy fats that provide vitamins, minerals, and water needed to support body functions and aid healing. Animal proteins are locally raised in their natural environments and eaten minimally to reduce inflammatory factors. Food provides the raw materials with which your body creates or stimulates the formation of all of your cells, bones, fluids, enzymes, hormones, muscles, and organs. So, you see, you really are what you eat!
  • They CONNECT with LIFE to reduce stress. They enjoy people, family, and life. They find balance in work, rest, and play. Their minds, hearts, and bodies thank them for it with years of health and happiness. In Sardinia and Okinawa, where people live the longest, hard work is important, but not more so than spending time with family, nurturing spirituality, and doing for others.