Sunday, August 11, 2013

Diabetes is a global epidemic

Diabetes is a global epidemic

Did you know that? The latest estimates in 2012:
◾More than 371 million people have diabetes.
◾Half of people with diabetes are undiagnosed.
◾4.8 million people died due to diabetes.
◾More than 471 billion USD were spent on healthcare for diabetes.

In the Eastern Mediterranean Region too, there has been a rapid increase in the incidence of diabetes mellitus, mainly of type 2. It is now the fourth leading cause of death in the Region and an estimated 22 million people have diabetes out of a total adult population of 290 million.

The urbanization and continuing nutritional change from a healthy Mediterranean diet to an increasingly western-style diet is associated with reduced activity , obesity, and a loss of productive effect of the traditional diet that risk factors increases the incidence of non communicable disease including DM , cardiovascular diseases Hypertension and cancer.

From Public health background I think we always should think of polices for continuing integration of preventive health service for early detection and control of DM

Overweight and obesity are the major contributors to DM