Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Waking Up Dead Cells: A Product On A Mission

OMG!!!! Miracles Are Happening In Our Times!!!

If you think that this is a story about a Pastor laying hands on a coffin and the dead coming back to life, then you are wrong because that only happens in Science fiction films.

And if I had not seen him alive, conversed with him, shook his hands, I would never have believed the story.

For a while now (almost a year or so) I have been hearing of a wonderful product that is literally "raising the dead" and transforming lives that had been considered "gone" but as a Medical Doctor and Scientist, I refuse to believe such stories that seem to be in the sphere of "fairy tales"

But all that was to change when I "reluctantly" attended a Product Presentation by the Company that has brought into the World, this "wonder working product"

And in the course of the presentation, several persons gave testimonies of reliefs they have experienced from the use of the product which ranged from healing of raucous cough, to treatment of severe acne, regularization of menstrual period to reversing early menopause; others said they had been healed of premature ejaculation while another said he was healed of weak erection.

However, the one that really attracted my attention was the one from a 54 year old man who said he had been hypertensive for 15 years and had faithfully used the drugs he was placed on but that 2 weeks ago, he developed severe chest pain that made it difficult for him to breathe well and saw him panting for breath; and that as he watched himself, he saw his life ebbing away and so he was rushed to a nearby Private Hospital, where he was examined and was said to be in incipient heart attack and because they did not have the facility to treat him, he was referred to a Government Hospital and while the Nurses were running around trying to arrange a bed for him and also summoning the Doctor on call, he was "literally dying", his breathing had now become laboured and he was placed on Oxygen before the Doctor came.

He was given some pain relieving injections and still placed on Oxygen since it was late in the night for the wife to buy the drugs prescribed. He said he really feared for his life so much so that when one of the attending Medical personnel told him about the product and its wonder working action, he did not think twice to order for a packet.

That same night, he took one sachet and within 2 hours, he had a relief in his breathing that he was now taking the Oxygen intermittently; when the morning of the new day dawned, instead of buying the drugs that were prescribed for him, he took a 2nd sachet; he got so relieved that his breathing was no longer laboured and he was put off the Oxygen. Not only did he get relief from his laboured breathing but his BP "literally crashed" it had never been that low in all these 15 years.

On the 2nd day, he took another 2 sachets (morning and evening) and when he was reviewed by the attending Medical Personnel, he had fully recovered and so he was discharged.

Now, just like I said above, if I had not met this man in person, I would never have believed this story but what made it even more convincing for me was that he brought with him his medical file (his own copy) and the letter of referral from the Private Health Establishment to the Government Health Establishment.

So at the end of his testimony, he said that he had appointed himself an Apostle for that Product because he had never felt more alive before these past 2 weeks that he had been using the product.

So, if you have or anyone you know has any chronic debilitating diseases - stroke, hypertension, diabetes, diabetic ulcer, chronic duodenal ulcer, excessive fat, kidney insufficiency, HIV/AIDS, Infertility, Chronic Arthritis, Tumours (Fibroid) Cancers, Chronic Forgetfulness, Inability to sleep (insomnia),  e.t.c., then you or/and them need to key into this therapy without further hesitation and you would surely thank me for it.

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