Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mixed Fruit Juice - How I Prepare It

You must have heard that fruits are life meaning that it is the fruits we eat that provide the antioxidants that take care of the free radicals that our bodies generate from the things we eat, thus helping to prolong our life here on earth.

The fruits also provide fibre which helps to control our appetite and propensity to eat often.

Now if you have never prepared a multi-fruit juice before, then you can learn from me

To prepare this, you would need fruits
Pine Apple
Water Melon

Peel the orange, cut into small pieces, de-skin and remove the seeds

Peel the banana and cut into pieces

De-skin the pineapple and cut into pieces

Cut the apple into pieces

Cut the cucumber into pieces

Cut the watermelon into pieces and remove as much of the seeds as you can

Pour all into a blender and blend

And then there you have your mixed fruit juice and you can really enjoy it

If you like, you could add a tablespoonful of honey to it after blending and that would be a meal on its own

Remember to thank me when you have done this