Saturday, December 19, 2015

8 TopTips On How To Make Your Skin Soft And Glowing

Believe me, been there, done that. When I started my high-school my skin was a real mess, and I spent way too much money on all the miracle products that should make my skin soft and glowing in no time. Of course, nothing really helped. 

Years passed by and I decided to treat my skin with a bit more respect, I stared eating properly, drinking enough of water and voila, my skin improved. 

Now I decided to share my tips with you, and help you improve you problematic skin. Good luck.

1.     Eat Almonds regularly

Almonds are especially rich with vitamin E, and we all know that there is no better healer than this vitamin is. 

It helps you skin regenerate, especially after the damage too much Sun exposure can cause. 

Vitamin E also has amazing antioxidant powers.

2.     Eat loads of Green Vegetables such as Kale

Green color will be your new best friends with this amazing vegetable. 

Kale contains vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K, as well as potent levels of manganese, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. 

There is no better way to totally clean your skin.

3.     Eat plenty Avocado Pear

To boost you skin’s vitally Avocado is the best way to do it, not only it is rich with vitamin E, which like mentioned before has amazing healing powers, but it also contains a lot of vitamin C, which will reduce the redness of your skin.

4.     Eat Fish especially Tuna

Every fish you consume is great for your whole body, skin included, but tuna is the one people just adore. 

It is so versatile that provides us with tons of opportunities how to use it. 

The main thing why we love tuna so much is Selenium, this nutrient helps preserve elastic and leaves your skin smooth and tight.

5.     Drink Green Tea

Green Tea is much more than just an antioxidant that helps you get rid of all the annoying blemishes, like pimples or red spot that are left after them. 

Drinking two cups of this amazing tea a day also helps prevent skin cancer.

6.     Take lots of Oat Milk

There are many people who claim that taking dairy products from their diet have improved their skin a lot. 

Changing your usual milk for Oat milk will help you with your acne problem. 

Oat milk is high in fiber, lactose free and high in vitamin E.

7.     Eat Tofu

The soft texture, made from soy beans will help you love Tofu, but it is not only healthy and delicious, it also has some superpowers. 
Yes, this calcium and proteins rich food will help almost anyone with any skin problems you can possibly imagine.
8.     Drink lots of Water

So, clear skin definitely starts from within, and water is the best thing to start with. 
Drinking enough of water and trying to stay away from beverages full of sugar and alcohol will make your skin soft and glowing.

Source:     Your Skin