Thursday, June 18, 2015

7 Reasons Why Counting Calories Really Counts!

 Recent polls have reported that over 51% of the nation’s population are looking to lose weight.

With many of those individuals seeking out various fad diets and extreme workout regimens that provide promising yet temporary results, a lot of individuals are looking to find a more convenient and long-term route to help them reach their goals.

Due to calorie counting being such a simple yet productive approach to weight loss and maintenance, more and more individuals are climbing aboard.

Although the list of benefits surrounding calorie counting is sizable to say the least, here are 7 reasons why counting calories really counts!

1.Counting Calories Provides You with a Sense of Balance and Flexibility

While many extreme diets can provide you with some solid short-term results, these nutrition plans and workout routines are often too unrealistic to commit to long-term.

Calorie counting, however, provides you with an adequate amount of freedom so that you can still consume the foods that you love.

By still allowing yourself to indulge every once in a while within a structured platform, it will enable you to maintain a level of balance between a constructive yet rewarding lifestyle.

Counting calories also provides individuals with a high level of flexibility.

Many fad diets can be restrictive in nature, causing participants to miss out on a lot of fun experiences.

Counting calories is much more adaptable to your current lifestyle, so you are able to still go out to eat, attend special events, and participate in fun activities overall without feeling limited in your food choices.

2.It Is Scientifically Formulated to Work
The number of calories you are required to consume is dependent on something called your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

Your BMR refers to your sedentary calorie expenditure, which in simpler terms, means how many calories your body naturally burns in a 24 hour period.

In order to find out what your daily caloric requirements are, it is essential to determine how active you are during a 24 hour period, as well as how rapid you are expecting to see results.

Entering all of this information into a calculator specifically catering to the BMR formula will enable you to find out the specific amount of calories that you require each day to reach your goals.

With calorie counting revolving around this scientific methodology, anyone who is in good health and has a moderate level of dedication will be guaranteed to see prominent results.

3.Your Workouts Will Be More Precise
Calorie counting doesn’t just coincide with your intake, but your outtake as well.

The amount of calories burned during a workout depends on your current weight, the endurance level, as well as the longevity of the workout.

Once you have developed a better understanding of how many calories various workouts burn, you will be able to deduct that amount from your calorie tracker once you are complete.

If the deduction causes your daily intake to decrease under your desired caloric goal, you can even take in additional calories in their place.

4.It Will Expand Your Knowledge Surrounding Nutrition
The strategy behind calorie counting doesn’t just stop at intake versus outtake.

There are many other factors that contribute to the success behind tracking your calories each day.

For instance, many foods contain more sustainable and energizing nutrients, while others are referred to as, “empty calories” that are metabolized faster and reap much less positive results.

By becoming familiarized with which food groups provide you with the most substantial amount of energy, you will become more aware of which foods are worth the additional calories throughout the day.

5.Modernized Tools and Resources Make It Almost Effortless
Historically speaking, calorie counting proved to be a hassle due to it involving manually recording each calorie that was consumed on a day-to-day basis.

Fortunately, with so many advancements in technology available to us in the 21st century, counting calories is almost an effortless endeavor.

From various tracking applications to infinite nutritional databases, researching and recording your daily intake could not be any easier.

The FDA has recently put guidelines into place which require almost all frequently visited restaurants across the United States to provide customers with their food’s nutritional information upon request, but the data can also be easily accessed on many websites and mobile apps.

With so many of these tools and resources being free of charge to consumers, the process of calorie counting is convenient in a cost-effective manner as well.

6.Your Intake Will Be Exceptionally Accurate
It isn’t uncommon for dieters to both underestimate and overestimate the amount of calories in individual food items, as well as entire entrees.

Some foods that we may presume to be low-calorie choices, are actually very dense in their calorie count.

Did you know that according to the Washington Post, most people underestimate how many calories are in their food by almost 260 calories?

This is incredibly alarming, due to how quickly that can add up to excess weight gain.

By specifically utilizing official nutritional labels, databases, or trackers, you will be relying on much more accurate data, so that your chances of over or under-eating decrease dramatically.

7.The Results Are Almost Instantaneous
Since calorie counting surrounds the specific physical requirements of our individual bodies and lifestyles, the results end up being much more reliable.

By only reducing your caloric intake by 300 calories each day, you can potentially lose to 2 lbs every 2 weeks, depending on your current weight and activity level.

With 10 lbs typically equaling one dress size, this means that within 2 to 2.5 months you can go down an entire size or more.

This amount can even heighten during the beginning of your journey, due to the amount of water that is lost in the first week or two.

With calorie counting becoming so simple to conform to when it comes to almost anyone’s lifestyle, more and more people are committing to tracking their intake in order to see the magnificent results that calorie counting has to offer.

Being such an effective, affordable, and convenient journey to various weight-specific goals, it is no wonder why calorie counting is becoming more and more popular as time goes on.