Friday, April 17, 2015

How To Handle Depression

Depression is actually a mental state challenge in which the person concerned has literally lost it as the case may be. 

Losing it in this context means that the person no longer feels that there is a need to be alive, the person has nothing to live for and so all hope is lost.

The things that lead to depression in adult hood are legion especially among the non working class. There are many able young persons who have acquired good education but can not lay their hands on any meaningful job, a time may come in their lives when they feel that there is nothing else to do than to throw in the towel.

Depression is also common amongst those suffering from terminal illnesses like Cancer, they feel that whatever they do, someday it will all be over and so there is no point in postponing the evil day.

Persons suffereng from depression also have a tendency to commit suicide.

In my own view, the following ways would help to either stop depressive tendency or bring someone out of depression

1.     As early in life as possible, children should be made to know that life is not a bed of roses and that there are pendulums in life, swings which alternate between fortune and failure and that the person who would have a story to tell is the one who masters how to be unfazed which ever phase life brings to him or her.

2.    Children should be encouraged to communicate with their parents, and not to bottle up their emotions, their fears, their joys and sadness, their successes and failures

3.     Parents should be aware of the growing needs of their children and help them to grow better. Parents should not talk down on their children or curse them unnecessarily

4.     Socialization is one good way of overcoming depression

5.    Volunteering is also a good way of overcoming depression because activity 
suggests life.

6.     If eventually someone comes down with severe depression, then there is a good need to consult a Physician

Certainly, these would go a long way towards ameliorating the effects of depression

What of you, how do you think depression can be handled?

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