Saturday, March 21, 2015

Here Are 20 Sure-Fire Ways To Have Better Sex This Weekend – Part 2

Just talk about sex with your partner
Don’t wait for the lights to dim off for the sex of your life. Keep the discussion about sex on your partner more frequently. Ask your partner about their likes and dislikes and don’t be shy to share what you like and prefer.

Give some dirty instructions
Tried dirty talking? Then may be it’s time that you do. Almost in everyone’s sex life, there should be always something that they haven’t tried or something that they could have done differently.

To overcome this situation, talk about things or acts you haven’t tried or you would like to try with your partner and get dirty. Don’t aim big and start small like sending dirty texts or images.

Spanking is fun
During your passionate sexual encounter with your partner add a little spanking. It can be a bit awkward in the beginning but keep it light and fun. But keep in mind that if your partner is not comfortable, then avoid it.

Do some kitchen techniques
There are some foods available in your kitchen which can just pump you up to have better sex. Include foods which have arginine like oysters, fish and lean proteins as all these foods act like Viagra.

Besides, these foods are good for you in many ways as they are high in antioxidants as well.

Exercise your ‘sex’ muscles
Exercise your pelvic muscles to transform your normal sex life into a hot sex life. The best exercise for women is kegels. Do kegels every day by first locating your pelvic floor and then stopping yourself from peeing midway and then tone your muscles by clenching them when you are not peeing.

Sleep is important
For better sex it is important that you are not sleep deprived. Always focus on better sleep first rather than better sex. If you focus on better sex first, you might ruin the process as lack of sleep can be a major libido killer.

Continued in Part 3