Monday, March 16, 2015

Amazing Health Benefits Of Moi Moi And Akara

(interesting new discovery)

If you are looking for healthy diet and healthy eating advice, look no further,.

Moi moi and akara balls have all the proteins and energy sustaining power more than many other diets.

They are light, refreshing and can be a healthy eating diet for the infants and children in motherless homes.

They attract numerous healthy eating companions such as poached eggs, lobster, fishes, roasted lamb or goat meat.

Moi moi can be eaten with any sea foods; natural honey, low calorie yogurts and assorted types of vegetables from broccoli, runner beans, mushrooms; carrots, pumpkins, lettuce; asparagus, water-cress, water melons etc; Moi moi in particular can be adopted and cooked in hotels, restaurants, Fast food restaurants as “Take away meals!” 

The most impressive of all is that Moi moi and akara can be stored in the fridge for up to three days and in the freezer for up to one month without going off or loosing their food values. Moi moi is not only star-studded but gilt-edged diet in good healthy eating. I know what I’m talking about and I promise you will share my excitement when you extract and cook this meal.

The discovery of moi moi as a potential healthy eating diet is incredible!

Akara balls and moi moi have always been eaten in Nigeria from time immemorial without anybody or the eaters caring about their healthy eating values.

Most Nigerians and Africans eat moi moi with rice and stew as well as salad.

Some people cook moi moi with various fillings like eggs, prawns, fishes, and corn beef to mention a few.

They are traditionally cooked in many homes in the rural areas as well as in the cities.

They do not contain any type of sugar but contain small amount of salt, pepper, tomatoes and palm oil. 

To obtain complete healthy eating potential, it is better and safer to avoid palm oil. For colouring, people generally use fresh tomatoes or tomato puree. However, the ingredients depend on one’s choices. I personally, don’t add palm oil for many good reasons.

Akara balls are equally a part of healthy eating diet when eaten with cucumber, lettuce, mushrooms and broccoli.

Many Nigerians traditionally, eat akara balls with bread, pap (Akamu in Ibo and Ogi in Yoruba dialect) or eaten with a special corn meal called (agidi).

And if you use #SOYAPLUS to prepare the moi moi or akara, you are in for a special delight because soyaplus is 40% protein and contains the 9 essential amino acids.

Try it out today

So tell us, which is your favourite; MOI MOI or AKARA???